Honourable guests, dear visitors,

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my website. I invite you to come in and have a look around at your leisure.

Here, you can find out about my solo work, as well as my ensembles, Barocke Sinneslust and Classic Meets Jazz. For your perusal and enjoyment, there’s also news on my current concerts and projects, along with reviews, and photos. My new CD Arias and Motets – Last Heroes has just been released by Rondeau productions ®. You can order it from them, or directly from me.

Click here to watch me perform in concert, and to hear my recordings. 

Most of all, I would be delighted if you came to one of my concerts and experienced me performing live, either close up in a smaller solo or chamber music setting, or on a big stage!

Warmest greetings,