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Honourable guests, dear visitors,

Welcome to my website. I invite you to come in and have a look around at your leisure.

After the severe cultural and social restrictions of the past two years, we are now experiencing our third year with Covid-19. Nevertheless, we artists are looking to the future with hope and expectation, in the knowledge that it will take some time before cultural life can blossom to the full once again, when society can go out without fear and restriction.
We have been creative all this time, working on new ideas and concepts, and on new repertoires, some of which have already been performed. See for yourself on my Youtube channel, or even better, at one of my upcoming live performances. Until we meet again, keep safe and well.

Warmest greetings,

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You can find samples of my singing listed under »Watch & Listen«.

You can also hear and see me perform on my YouTube channel.



Katrin Küsswetter

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