Repertoire – Lied

In addition to the selection of songs listed in the repertoire section of this website, Katrin also performs song programmes on specific themes, such as the all-encompassing and inexhaustible subject of love, in her program entitled Hot Love – On the Verge of Madness. She also performs a song programme entitled Fairytale Dreamscapes, which evokes a fascinating and enchanting world of fairies, mermaids, ghosts and elves. Seasonal programs such as her Musical Advent Calendar explore the anticipation, and the wishing and guessing characteristic of Advent and Christmas. Her sacred song programmes range from Christmas and the Nativity to Easter and Passiontide. She also performs a song programme dedicated to the veneration of Mary, mother of Jesus. These song programmes traverse time and space through centuries and continents in a colorful array of music in several different languages.

Currently, she is recording a CD of songs by the (unjustly) forgotten Benedictine priest, Franz Bühler, and a collection of Italian Renaissance songs from the pen of an unknown composer.

The recording also comprises sacred and secular duet programs for soprano and mezzo-soprano, by Monteverdi, Couperin and J.C. Bach. It features the duets of the great German romantics such as F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, G. Rheinberger and M. Reger. In addition, the genre of French art song of the 19th century is also represented, with compositions by C. Saint-Saens and G. Fauré and E. Chausson.

Note: Concert organizers are welcome to view these programs on request.